We Can Fix The World
We need your help


World Hunger. War. Oppression. Diseases. Economic collapse. Environmental calamity.

These are a few of the problems that imperil our species.

We can, and we ARE envisioning a world without such problems. More than that – we can envision a peaceful and bountiful world for all of us. We don’t yet know all the tools and all the solutions we’ll need to get there. We haven’t yet answered all our existential questions.

Fix The World

That’s where you come in.

How To Fix The World book leverages the force we’ve got, and the force capable of it, to heal our wounds and help us THRIVE.

That force is our collective:

We’re crowd-sourcing our salvation. We’re saving our own hides through collective will and imagination.

There are seven billion people gracing our world today. Among them are geniuses, savants, artists, engineers, tinkerers, makers, thinkers, doers, and changers. All seven billion have ideas. All seven billion are invested in survival.


Collectively, we seek answers to the hardest, most elusive problems facing our planet, including:

  • How to fix the banking system?How To Fix The World Book - FixWorld.org
  • How to create employment?
  • How to fix the legal system?
  • How to restore the economy?
  • How to cleanse the environment?
  • How to restore health?
  • How to fix the food supply?
  • How to release new technology?
  • How do we solve our energy needs?
  • How do we stop the violence, heal our Earth, and build a just and equitable society?

Did we find answers? Did we find the right answers? Download How To Fix The World Book (it’s free!) right now and judge for yourself.

How To Fix The World Book  is a collaboration of 285 committed problem-solvers, representing more than 37 countries, who’ve come together to offer practical, implementable solutions for the worst issues threatening us today.

But the conversation is only getting started.

We need you (and millions of people like you) to join in, by reading this unique book, evaluating the ideas, implementing the solutions, and formulating world-changing ideas of your own.


NOW is the time to FIX THE WORLD


It’s been well established that only paradigm shifts bring social evolution. Those of us fearing for our world’s condition today are often discouraged, because the paradigm shift we need to FIX THE WORLD seems so distant and unlikely.

But the paradigm shift is happening now! More people than ever before are connecting, learning, reaching out, offering ideas…

We’re better equipped than ever before to share ideas and to work together for the collective good. Our problems may seem massive, but our RESOURCES, our WILL, and our DETERMINATION are unstoppable.


We can, and we will FIX THE WORLD
Please, join us.

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Fix The World Project